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Apartment Kitchens Renovations

Apartment Kitchens Renovations Sydney

In today’s fast-paced world, apartment living offers a more convenient and accessible lifestyle. You’re located centrally in a great location with easy access to transport and all the amenities you’re after. However, this type of living generally comes with smaller space requirements and other constraints which can be reflected in a quite compact kitchen.

Just because you have a smaller apartment kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t have the dream functional kitchen you’ve always wanted. Here at SpecKitchens, we specialise in apartment kitchen renovations. We’re well experienced in handling the particular intricacies that come with this type of building project and have a proven history of deriving truly outstanding functional apartment kitchens.

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Apartment Kitchens

Apartment kitchen renovations are a specialised type of building project. They have a particular set of factors such as limited access and restricted dimensions that require a high degree of expertise and experience to effectively handle.

Here at SpecKitchens, we are well experienced in designing, manufacturing, and installing specialised apartment kitchens to suit a variety of environments. With our years of experience in the field, we’ve refined our processes and offered customised solutions to suit our customers’ changing needs.

Our apartment kitchen renovation processes effectively handle the following factors:


With apartment kitchens, you’re working off a limited footprint with only a set amount of space available. Our processes at SpecKitchens factor this in and implement functional designs that make the most of any available space and feature flowing ease of access. We’ll take your particular setting into account and offer a number of options for how you want your cooking area to be divided from any adjacent lounge area.

Appliance Installation

In consideration of the amount of space you have available, it’s important to assess exactly which appliances will be needed to meet your needs. In this way, there’s no need to install a barista-type coffee machine if it’s only going to be used once a week.

At SpecKitchens, we’ll take the time to assess your needs, and then come up with a number of options for appropriately sized devices that provide the best levels of functionality and energy efficiency. We’ll then also assess the particular arrangement of your desired appliances to maximise the space available and factor in any electrical wiring and plumbing requirements.

Countertop and Work Space

Unfortunately, many apartment kitchens have reduced countertops and bench spaces. This makes it difficult to conduct effective meal preparation and even entertain your guests.

Here at SpecKitchens, we’re all about opening space. We have a range of innovative storage solutions and can factor electrical appliances into kitchen designs in order to open previously underutilised space. The focus of our designs is to make your kitchen feel more open and less cluttered and to give you more counter space to prepare delicious meals.

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Apartment kitchen renovations are a specialised type of building project that comes with its own set of unique building requirements. With limited space available and existing connection limitations, an experienced professional is required to effectively handle this type of building project.

Here at SpecKitchens, we specialise in apartment kitchen renovations. With many years of experience in the industry, we’re able to effectively handle the challenges associated with this type of build and can find tailored solutions that will work in a limited space. From improving accessibility, effectively factoring in appropriately sized appliances, and maximising countertops and workspace, our functional and practical kitchen solutions will take your apartment kitchen to the next level.

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