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Luxury Kitchens Renovations

Luxury Kitchens Renovations Sydney

When it comes time for a kitchen renovation, many people are a bit unsure exactly where to start. Do you go for a more traditional standard design which may seem more convenient, or do you go for a magnificent luxury design that ticks all the right boxes?

While there are pros and cons to both, a luxury kitchen renovation provides many benefits that other design options simply cannot, and will leave you with a finished product that you’ll absolutely love. Here at SpecKitchens we specialise in designing, manufacturing and implementing innovative luxury kitchen designs. With years of experience in the industry and an extensive supplier network behind us, we have the capacity and expertise to build exactly the type of luxury kitchen you’ve been after.

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Luxury Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s the place where creative culinary creations come to life and where we share many happy family bonding experiences. As one of the most crucial parts of your home, a kitchen renovation shouldn’t just be about expanding the area where we prepare meals, rather it should reflect a transformation of the focal point of your home. A luxury kitchen renovation provides many benefits.

A Design of Your Choosing

One of the best parts of a luxury kitchen renovation is the freedom you have in designing the layout and picking out all the finishing touches. As opposed to ending up with something that appears in just about every standard showroom, a luxury kitchen renovation enables you to create a finished product that reflects who you are and your own unique preferences.

By being involved in the planning stage and having the autonomy to choose and decide what to include, you have control of everything from the tiling and colour scheme, to the cabinetry and appliances. This is where the services of an expert luxury kitchen renovator make all the difference, they’ll help turn your kitchen dreams into functional and practical realities that will provide value long into the future.

Adds Value to Your Property

Investing in a luxury kitchen remodel is an excellent way to significantly boost your home’s resale value. In today’s competitive market you need to have a differentiating factor that makes your home different from the rest. What better way than to have a luxury kitchen installed, this will be a prized asset that will provide a valuable point of difference when compared to other homes, and there will be a high cross-section of people who view this as a key deciding factor of which home to buy.

Whether you have plans for a resale in the short term or further down the track, a luxury kitchen will add value to your property and will be an appealing factor to any prospective buyers.


With a luxury renovation there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming big and getting exactly the kitchen you’ve always wanted. If you love your caffeine in the morning, why not have your very own coffee bar, if a glass of wine makes your evening meal complete, why not factor a wine fridge into your kitchen design.

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A luxury kitchen renovation gives you the option to personalise your kitchen to not only reflect your preferences in finishing touches but also to be a perfect fit for your lifestyle needs.

There is your standard run-of-the-mill kitchen renovations and then there are luxury renovations. While the first option might seem cheaper and quicker to implement, a luxury kitchen renovation will leave you with an end result that is truly something magnificent.

A luxury kitchen renovation will let you design a kitchen exactly of your choosing making the best use of floor plan and functionality considerations. You have complete freedom to make the additions you want, and implement the finishing touches to reflect your own unique style and preferences. Having such a valuable asset in your home, will provide a valuable point of difference when compared to other homes and increase your property’s value for years to come.

Remodel in Style!

If you want something different than your standard cookie-cutter kitchen designs, come to the luxury kitchen experts here at SpecKitchens. We’ll spend the time and effort to understand your unique needs and then work with you every step of the way to turn them into a reality. No matter the luxury extras and inclusion you’re after, we have the expertise and supplier network to satisfy all your needs.

For any of your Luxury Kitchen Renovation needs, why not contact us today.

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